Disinfect books in just 30 seconds!

The book2net Booksterilizer Pro removes up to 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi on books and other objects such as newspapers, tablets, keyboards and cell phones using UV radiation.

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Safe books, safe readers

Our method of disinfection is particularly gentle and safe, as the objects do not come into contact with liquid and no heat is generated.

In compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations, libraries and archives are required to quarantine or disinfect returned books.

book2net Booksterilizer Pro is simple, fast, and safe to use. Our key references include European Parliament among other institutions.

Product features

1. No quarantine for books and objects

Kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, spores and other microorganisms

2. Leak-proof sterilization chamber with a front door made of hard anti-UV glass

Gentle blower opens the books so that each page is freed from dust and germs

3. Safety sensors

Monitoring the front door to the sterilization chamber

4. On-site service

Permanent safety checks of the system done by qualified technicians

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Frequently Asked Questions

book2net Booksterilizer Pro is an electronic device designed to quickly disinfect books, documents and other handheld items.

Yes. We are shipping book2net Booksterilizer Pro worldwide. Please contact us for more details.

book2net Booksterilizer Pro is a Plug&Play device: it is ready to use after connecting to power supply.

End price depends on the volume. Contact us for a tailored offer!